BSG and New Foods: Yuck!

Reader comments can provide a lot of entertainment and insight for me. Take the following viewer comment from Jason, regarding this BSG post a while back:
    Not to be pedantic or anything, but in the original BG, nobody had last names. So while the Zac portrayed by Rick Springfield was indeed Adama's son and Apollo and Athena's brother (the new BG did some drastic retooling on the Athena character, from what I understand -- I don't watch the new BG because I'm one of the handful of clueless old grumps who does not, in fact, think it's the greatest TV series ever, no offense), his name was not "Zac Adama." It was simply Zac.

    Just to be clear, you understand. For the record. :)
I haven't seen any of the original series episodes since they were first broadcast, which means it not only has been almost thirty years since I've seen them, but that I was only a little tyke at the time, so my memory of the show is a little sketchy. I didn't realize they didn't use last names in the original series, which is kind of interesting.

On the other hand, I needed to pick my jaw up off the floor upon reading the parenthesis-separated portion of Jason's comment. Two huge glaring points here. First, he has heard the 'Athena' character has undergone some 'drastic retooling' in the new series -- something of an understatement if you mean the character does not exist, per se. Certain elements of her character have been 'spread around' to other females on the show, but no one thinks that calling the Boomer cylon "Athena" means she's Adama's daughter.Jason admits that he doesn't watch the show (and apparently gets really bad information about it, to boot) and then says he doesn't think it's the best TV show ever. I could rant about this kind of inane opinion-proffering, but instead I'll just provide an embarrassing example of my own from a conversation with the girlfriend:
    Danielle: Try some hummus. It's yummy.
    Me: Yuck! I don't like hummus!
    Danielle: Really?
    Me: Yeah.
    Danielle looks at me suspiciously.
    Danielle: You've never tried hummus, have you?
    Me: (sheepishly) No.
Just for the record, I have watch the first episode of season four and it is money in the bank. And that is not only an informed opinion but incontrovertible fact! Sorta.

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jason said...

Whoa, I didn't mean to pick a fight here. Sorry I pushed your buttons.

For the record, I have tried the new Galactica. I watched the pilot film and the first four episodes of the first season, which I think ought to be sufficient for any show to hook a new viewer. I didn't particularly like what I was seeing, so I stopped watching. I don't recall any specific criticisms; it just wasn't my cup of tea. If you want to consider my opinion uninformed on that basis, I suppose I can't argue.

As for the Athena/Boomer thing, I was attempting to be cute with my "drastic retooling" remark, but obviously I just made myself look ignorant. I know perfectly well from friends who watch the show that the "new version" of Athena has no correlation to the original character and is simply one of the many Cylon Boomers who has taken a new name. Geez, you try to make a joke...