Dark Knight Trailer

Speaking of trailers, I have been remiss in posting or even mentioning the absolutely titillating, creepy, chilling trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight.Watching the trailer itself only highlights what a tragedy it was to lose Heath Ledger, who might just have left an indelible mark on the series and created an icon worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as with Nicholson's portrayal.

The forthcoming new trailer is rumored to be focused on Harvey Dent rather than the Joker, mostly because the film is NOT Joker-centered as it may appear in the first trailer, but also because the film's producers do not want to remind folks more than they have to that their star is dead. (I remember reading this somewhere, but I may be mistaken. I hope that is the case.) Regardless, this is a film that was going to be a blockbuster no matter what, but now I believe it will be even more of a cult film and an unofficial cinematic wake for Ledger. You couldn't drag me away.

Bonus: Here's a crappy video of a six-minute bank heist from the film. I've seen it a few times; it's a wonderful Joker intro.

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