New Avengers: Illuminati

Normally, I leave the expert comics reviewing to people like Rachelle, but I so thoroughly enjoyed New Avengers: Illuminati #4's hilarious sidebar of Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Professor X, Namor, and Black Bolt discussing how to deal with women in relationships. And they are not any more 'super' than your average joe. I love how on the first page (below), Mr. Fantastic is reminded that he's met Dr. Strange's paramour 32 times when he wonders if they have met.Click on the pages to get a larger view. I love how the writer blends in comic-relief, insight and some embarrassing moments.While discussing the dating dilemmas of the super-powerful, we discover that not all things are known to the most powerful telepath and the most powerful sorcerer:
    Dr. Strange: And you've dated outside the species.
    Prof X: How did you know that?
    Dr. Strange: I read it online.
    Prof X: You're online?
    Dr. Strange: Everyone's online!
    Prof X: (It's online?) But you can go to the astral plane... why are you online?
    Dr. Strange: You can't get hockey scores in the astral plane.
Things get a little heated between Richards and Namor when discussing Sue, so leave it to old suave Tony Stark to lighten up the conversation:
    Iron Man: Hey, I can top all of you. I slept with Madame Masque. So...
    Dr. Strange: I don't know who that is.
    Iron Man: Metal face. Kind of looks like Doctor Doom.
    Namor: Why would you sleep with a woman who looks like Doctor Doom?
    Iron Man: ... Okay, moving on.
The five-part series is beautifully illustrated and collected in hard-cover here. Well worth your measly fourteen dollars.

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