Masters coverage

It's not secret that I'm an avid golfer (when I can find the time these days) and an avid fan. (Been hitting it around since I was six, and I'm no slouch.) One of the few televised sports where I go against the 'popular' grain: I love to watch the majors. The Masters itself is still my favorite to watch. It probably has something to do with it being the first real sports event of spring, but more so because it is played on the same course every year. There's something to be gained by a familiarity with a course, where you remember the holes and a little nostalgia creeps in when you remember where you were when Jack went on his run in 1986. For me, it is exciting and relaxing at the same time.Anyway, now they (ESPN) has taken advantage of its new rights to Thursday and Friday coverage with its stunning streaming videos of Amen Corner (11-13) and 15 and 16. See the screen capture below: scores, stats, hole details, alerts, and oh yeah streaming HD. I can't imagine doing anything better while in the office on a Friday afternoon.

Slight warning: I just jumped in my seat. I have headphones on listening to the golf while I type and work and someone just crushed a drive sounding like a gunshot and I flinched. And now I'm laughing in my cubicle.

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