Ironhead and Leatherheads

It takes a lot for me to motivate to get out to see a movie these days. I supposed that I should take advantage of having copious amounts of free time as a (technically, though not practically) single man, at least compared to someone who has a wife and kids. At that point, too, I have learned that IF you are so lucky as to get to go to a movie, or rent one, it's likely it is animated. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but just between you and me, I'm going to ween any future progeny I might have on live-action early. Okay, that sounds like a plan that is destined to take an about-face once reality sets in, but for April 4, 2008, it will do just fine.

Before I miss my point in a siege of irrelevant segue, most films these days don't have what it takes to get me to pay ten bucks to get 'the experience' (as Hollywood execs would propagandize). You need an interesting concept and a good trailer to get on my list. I don't care if you have a crap movie, if you can't produce an interesting trailer, you are behind the eight-ball.

Take the upcoming Iron Man movie. Initially, although it has interesting casting (Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is perfect), I was never all that into Iron Man as a comic. However, I was into comics in general, so I was maybe 50-50 on going to see it in the theater (most films never even get to this stage with me).Of course, that all changed with the release of their teaser and first major trailer (available here. Downey was disarmingly funny. The effects were cool. The action intense. I was excited for the film.

On the other hand, you have a film like Leatherheads. The concept is pretty okay, but the trailer is mediocre at best.Of course, it certainly doesn't help that Walter Chaw made me laugh in a I-thought-so way about the supporting cast around Clooney:
    Zellweger further perfects her walking-on-a-rail-whilst-sucking-on-a-lemon shtick (she moves and acts like a puckering hat rack), leaving Clooney--a gifted physical comedian, as his work with the Coens would attest--to carry the load. No help that the Ralph Bellamy in the standard triangle is the American "The Office"'s Jon Krasinski, who'd better get Lloyd's of London on the horn about that fourth-wall smirk. Without it, he's wallpaper.
I'll wait for the DVD. Rental-only.

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