Pregnancy is scary

There are three reasons that I go to What Would Tyler Durden Do? on a regular basis. One is that it has Tyler Durden in the title, and that is just plain cool. (Yes that is the most important reason, but allow me to continue.) Two is that it has pics of cute chics every now and then, but more often disparaging things to say about ridiculous celebrities, which is always enjoyable. Third is the writer(s) often have a coffee-spitting sense of humor, such as the case for their 'coverage' of Jessica Alba's baby shower:
    Jessica Alba had her baby shower this weekend, and it served as a nice reminder that pregnancy slowly turns even the hottest chicks into monsters.
Now, Jessica Alba (as you see) is far from monstrous, but I'm thinking of adopting the sentence as a kind of off-handed truth that one says in public, like, "The stoplight is red" or "Boondock Saints is terrible". This sounds like either the most fun idea ever or an ingenius way to alienate every woman I know. Whatever.

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